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History of Anti Heros Project

Anti Heroes Project
Antiheroes Project was founded in 2011 by Jose Manuel Dominguez and a group of partners with the aim of contributing to cultural dialogue, education and inclusion of minority groups in the field of avant-garde art in South Florida. Before its foundation , Dominguez and many of the artists associated with the project had been part of the artistic movement in the region , producing many of the shows that then led to the philosophy of the organization . The founder comes from a tradition of young artists of contemporary Cuban theater and worked for years in one of its most important , The Public Theatre companies. During 2006, in Miami , joins Anchor Arts to work with a multidisciplinary team led by Gary Lund, Eric Fliss and Lucia Aratanha . From this experience comes a working relationship with other artists Aratanha and extending allowing several projects to improve work techniques , develop a career as an artist with disabilities and expand opportunities for collaboration. The hybrid element begins to characterize the set of the organization from the beginning, drawing on elements of physical theater American and Latin American theater tradition , which responds organically to the multicultural and multilingual reality of the area . Past and present productions have enabled the organization to successfully collaborate with other institutions and local festivals , organizations and individual artists from within and outside the country. Members of the organization are in turn leading art movement of the city and work in the creation and promotion of multiple events for the audience speaks English and Spanish . Having been part of the art world and the local scene for a long time , members of Antiheroes Project have concentrated their forces in the creation of events and shows that seek the inclusion of diverse audiences and participation of minority groups, especially the community of people with disabilities. As a result , within a few years of operation, the organization has earned the respect and support of the community within and outside of South Florida.