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About Us

Our Mission

Antiheroes Project works on the creation and presentation of contemporary performance productions and on the education of the South Florida community through artistic educational experiences. The non-profit organization focuses on fostering inclusion among individuals with and without disabilities, students and minority groups by facilitating workshops and other shared experiences. Since the inception of the organization in 2011, the goal of Antiheroes Project has been to utilize education and forms of art as a mechanism for the convergence of the diverse multicultural and multilingual community of South Florida.

Children Practicing Arts

History Of AntiHeros Project

Anti Heroes Project

Antiheroes Project was founded in 2011 by Jose Manuel Dominguez and a group of partners with the aim of contributing to cultural dialogue, education and inclusion of minority groups in the field of avant-garde art in South Florida. Before its foundation, Dominguez and many of the artists associated with the project had been part of the artistic movement in the region, producing many of the shows that then led to the philosophy of the organization...

Partners / Colloborators

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